The Story Behind Edge of Death by Joni Parker

About twelve years ago, I was inspired to develop a character after watching the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie trilogy for the umpteenth time. Her name was Alexin (Alex) Dumwalt. Her father, Stephane
Dumwalt, was a mortal man known as the Count of Oltria and her mother, Lady Cadwin, was part Elf and Titan. Alex came with a lot of other stories that I had to write down before my brain exploded, literally. I even had trouble focusing on work. After three months of transcribing her stories into the computer, I put it aside because I didn’t know what to do with it.

Eventually, I decided to publish it and it became the basis for my first series, a trilogy called, ‘The Seaward Isle Saga.’ After that, I continued writing another series with Alex as she learns about more her Elfin side. It became my second series, ‘The Chronicles of Eledon’ and has four books.

As soon as that series ended, I wrote a third one, ‘The Admiralty Archives’ which is another trilogy. This series grew out of a ‘what if’ question I had. What if my main character, Alex, went to the mortal world (Earth) and got stranded there? How would she react? What would she do? Would she adjust?

In the first book of the series, ‘Curse of the Sea,’ Alex arrives in the mortal world when she helps some NATO sailors return to Earth and she ends up stranded in London. In the second book, ‘Edge of Death,’ she’s not just stranded but exiled on Earth, so she tries to adjust. However, it seems like everyone is out to kill her to keep her from returning home. But why? What she doesn’t know is who’s behind the scenes pulling the strings. The last book in the series, ‘Call From Home,’ is yet to be published and Alex is still living in the mortal world. However, everywhere she turns she finds reminders of home. When these reminders warn her of danger to her homeland, she takes action.

My editor/publisher, Teresa Kennedy, thought that this series was my best work so far. I really enjoyed writing it, especially my research trip to the U.K.

About the Author

Fantasy novels are Joni Parker’s writing passion. Thus far, she’s written two complete series:“The Seaward Isle Saga,” a trilogy, and “The Chronicles of Eledon,” the award-winning four-book series. Her latest series, “The Admiralty Archives,” began with the publication of her book, “Curse of the Sea” and continues with the second book in that series, “Edge of Death.” Her work extends beyond novels into short stories and blog articles. Joni’s retired from military and federal government service and devotes her time to writing. She currently resides in Tucson, Arizona.



In this second installment of The Admiralty Archives, the warrior Lady Alexin, the Keeper of the Keys for the Elf realm of Eledon, finds herself exiled to the harsh world of near-future London. Rendered little more than a political pawn by the Elfin Council of Elders to avoid a war with the Rock Elves, she has little choice but to struggle to find her way in this strange new land. Taken under the protection of kindly mentors, Vice Admiral Malcolm Teller of the British Royal Navy and his wife, Alex brings all her skills to the fore as she uncovers a series of deadly plots.

Murder is on everyone's mind as an underground White Supremacist organization takes aim at Admiral Teller while two wizards, resurrected from death, must kill Alex in order to survive. To make matters worse, the Rock Elves dispatch a hundred assassins from Eledon with their sole mission to bring Lady Alexin to the very… Edge of Death.


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